A thumbnail of a women standing new to a stairliftLooking down a staircase with a stairlift at the baseA stairlift seat at bottom of staircasePerson holding the stairlift wireless remote
A women standing new to a stairlift
Looking down a staircase with a stairlift at the base
A stairlift seat at bottom of staircase
Person holding the stairlift wireless remote


Starting from $2,295.00

✔ Chose betweem several Elegant and Modern seat design
✔ 308 lbs Capacity
✔ Quiet, smooth and reliable
✔ Requires only a standard 110v power outlet
✔ Multiple safety devices to ensure safety at all times
✔ Compact and foldable, allows space in the stairs when not in use
✔ 3 years warranty on major components
✔ Works even during power outage

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Drive System
Rack and Pinion
308 lbs
25° to 55°
Rail material
Anodized Aluminum
rail length
power supply
Standard Outlet - 110v - Battery
Seat swivel
footprint in use
footprint parked
5-Years (drive) | 2-Years (other parts)
contact us
info@PrivaMobility.com | 1-844-927-7482 | www.privamobility.com
$100.00 Discount
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Reliable and Safe

In addition to all its security features, the Orion stairlift is powered by 2 batteries. In the even that you lose power, the Orion will still operate as normal ensuring safe access to every level of your home.

No Home modification required

Compared to other adaptation products, the Orion Stairlift does not required any home modifications (such as a modified or reinforced supporting wall) as it is installed directly to your existing staircase.


The Orion stairlift is the best and most affordable solution to get your mobility back quickly!

Next day Shipping

Fast delivery ensures you the quickest way to have your home safe again!

Designed with you in mind

The Priva Mobility ORION Stairlift combines a compact footprint with the durability and stability of larger designs.


The compact design is made of high-grade materials, and extra durable in high-wear areas, as well as smooth and efficient.


The ORION is completely customizable, allowing for a wide variety of applications. This means an truly unique, customized to your needs experience.

More Details

CSA/B355-09 & CSA/B613-00 Approved, Fast Travel Time, Constant Pressure Controls, Obstacle Safety Sensors, Emergency Stop Buttons

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